• How to download and play PUBG Lite on Windows PC


    PUBG Lite PC is a version of the PUBG game with the متجر شدات ببجي lowest possible configuration to ensure that everyone can play it on their PC. The emergence of PUBG Lite PC is likely to be a lifesaver for people who do not own computers with high-end Windows or for those who cannot afford the full version of PUBG game.



    You can download PUBG Lite for Windows, Download PUBG lite for PC and install it on your PC. But before that, make sure to check out a detailed guide to download and play PUBG Lite on PC.



    FYI, the way you play PUBG Mobile Lite on PC is quite different from PUBG Lite, what's more, the version you play on PC is published by Tencent, while the version of PUBG Lite is owned by BlueHole - the creator of PUBG. In addition, you can also download PUBG Lite for Mac, not only for Windows!



    Steps to download and install PUBG LITE on PC


    Here are all the apps and tools needed to download PUBG Lite on PC for free. Since PUBG Lite is only available in Thailand at the moment, faking your IP address is a must!


    To play PUBG Lite for free on your PC, you must download Soft Ether VPN for a fake IP address in Thailand


    Step 1: After you finish downloading PUBG Lite from the links given above, you will start clicking on the PUBG Lite file to install and you will see the icon (as in the image below) pop up on the screen:


    Step 2: You must agree to all terms in PUBG Lite and then click Next


    Step 3: Choose a link for PUBG Lite. You have to make sure that your D hard drive has more space for PUBG Lite.


    Step 4: The system will ask you whether you want to create a PUBG Lite icon on your desktop or not. Check "Yes" if you want to, select "No" if you don't, and then select "Next."


    Step 5: The system will eventually count all the choices you made when you install PUBG Lite again. Now, you will hit the install button to install and play the game on your PC.


    PUBG Lite Minimum System


    CPU: Core i3 2.4GHz and above

    RAM: 4 GB.

    Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 4000.

    Hard disk capacity: 4 GB.

    Operating System: Window 7,8,10, 64bit

    Recommended PUBG Lite System Requirements


    CPU: Core i5 2.8GHz and above.

    RAM: 8 GB.

    VGA: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 or

    AMD Radeon HD 7870.

    Hard disk capacity: 4 GB.

    Operating System: Window 7,8,10, 64bit